Session 1

  • Study

    Begin this session by answering the following questions about your past study of Scripture.

    Have you studied the Bible in the past?

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    If you have studied the Bible in the past, what method(s) did you use? What was your experience like?

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    What benefits can come from the study of Scripture?

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  • Learn

    In this session, we will STUDY, LEARN, and GROW as we reveal the Goals, Structure, and Key Characteristics of the Study.

    This study exists for anyone who wants to become more familiar with the Bible and understand it in a more complete way.

    Goals of this Study:

    Knowledge of the Bible

    • Focus on key characters and themes–the stories that make up our faith.
    • Identify different styles of writing in Scripture, as well as how to read them.

    Knowledge of Theology

    • Learn and discuss key beliefs of Christianity as expressed in Scripture, or the “theology” of Christianity (i.e. what we believe and say about God).

    A Change in Who We Are

    • Let the study of Scripture change us: who we are, how we act, and what we do.
    • Learning God’s word, understanding what He calls us to do, and expressing that in how we live out our daily lives.

    Empower Relationships and Community

    • We benefit from opportunities to learn from others, and in turn, we can help them.
    • We can help others be faithful to what they have learned and they can do the same for us.

    Structure of this Study:

    • Modules: These include the common themes, authors, or styles of writing. Complete each module in order, or skip around.
    • Sessions: Each session can be completed within a one-week period (1 to 3 hours).

    Key Characteristics of this Study:

    • Self-Motivated Learning
    • Learning with Other Believers
    • Accountability
    • Scripture Changes Us

    A Positive Group Dynamic

    • Focus on central unifying issues of theology.
    • Unhealthy debate will only frustrate your study, and those around you.
    • It’s important to positively interact and contribute to the group.
  • Grow

    What do you hope to gain from these studies?

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    Do you have any fears or concerns that might influence the way you approach Scripture or participate in these studies? What are some of those fears and concerns?

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    What expectations do you have of this study, both of yourself and of the curriculum?

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