Session 3: Transformed

  • Study

    Begin this session by reading Scripture and answering questions to reflect on the selected Bible verses.

    How are we described before a work of God happens in our lives? What happened because of God’s great love for us?

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    Compare a person that was dead to one that is now alive in Christ. What have they been given?

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    In this passage, how are we described before the work of God in our lives? How are we described after? What are the advantages of citizenship?

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    Before the work of God, how much do we understand about God? After the work of God, how does our knowledge of God change?

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    What does Paul mean by putting off the old self and putting on the new self?

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    What kind of relationship does Paul expect of a husband and wife? How is Christ the reference point of how we should treat each other?

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  • Learn

    The Prison Epistles: the books of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon are grouped together because they come from a similar setting and have similar material.

    Paul teaches us in Ephesians that salvation is a dramatic transformation of who we are, deep down in our very being.

    • Before Christ reaches out to us, we are dead. God reaches out to embrace us, but we can do nothing. Because of the work of Christ, we are made alive and can interact with God.
    • Before the work of Christ, we are aliens. We have no privileges or rights of citizenship in our own nation. After the work of Christ, we are citizens and have the status and protection of the nation. In fact, we are adopted by God Himself, and are considered to be part of His very own family.
    • Before Christ, we lack knowledge of who God is. We are ignorant about our own ignorance.  After Christ’s work in us, we are allowed to understand who God is as God reveals Himself to us.


    Paul instructs us to put off our old self by rejecting the attitudes and behaviors that separated us from God in the first place, and put on our new self by embracing attitudes and behaviors that build our walk with God.

    How a husband relates to his wife, or a wife to her husband should be based on how Christ relates to the Church. In the same way that Christ loved and served the church, a husband and wife should love and serve each other.

  • Grow

    To what degree do you embrace the idea that salvation is a radical transformation of who you are? Is this faith easy or hard to live out on a daily basis? How does your view of salvation align with Paul’s teachings?

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    In what ways does embracing Paul’s perspective on the nature of salvation make it easier to cast off the old self and put on the new self? How have you cast off your old self and become the new person God created you to be?

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    If you are married, to what degree do you fulfill Paul’s guidance on how a husband and wife are supposed to relate to one another? What would happen if you related to your spouse based on what Christ did for the Church? What can you do to implement this in your life?

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