Session 3: Love Child

  • Study

    Begin this session by reading Scripture and answering questions to reflect on the selected Bible verses.

    What should our attitude toward others look like? How does what one loves or hates tell us about their spiritual state?

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    What is the basis of our love for others?

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    What occurs inside of us if we love others?

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    How is the love of God connected to keeping God’s commandments? According to the author, is it difficult to keep God’s commandments? Why?

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  • Learn

    The author of 1 John is unknown, but that does not seem to be as important as the ideas that are conveyed within the book. The author is thought to be very old and writes this book to much younger Christians. In his writing, he shows care and concern for younger Christians, and wants them to understand some key things about their faith.

    Lessons about Love

    • If a person is a follower of Christ, they must love their brother (brother, meaning neighbor).
    • One cannot love God and love the world at the same time.
    • The attitudes of people apart from God are destructive and lead to things that do not last. The only lasting thing can be found in the love of God.
    • We are called to love others because God first loved us.
    • God calls us to serve, give, and behave in certain ways because of our call to dwell in God’s love. If our actions do not emerge from a love of God, then abiding by these commandments will be difficult. But, if we have God’s love in our hearts, His commandments come naturally to us.
  • Grow

    How can you grow from not just being kind to someone, but to really loving that person? How do you develop a love for those around you who are not family or friends?

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    How is love of the world opposite from the love of God? If you looked objectively at your life, what would you say that you loved? If others were to look at your life, what would they say that you loved?

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    How does having a love for God make following His commandments easy? In your daily life, how hard is it to give, serve, and do the right things? What can you do to cultivate an attitude of love, so that these things are a natural result of who you are and not a forced requirement?

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