Everything you need to know

Understand the Bible

  • Get to know the Bible better by exploring its key stories, themes, and characters.
  • Discuss unifying key beliefs of Christianity without getting tangled up in divisive beliefs.
  • Allow Scripture to shape your thoughts and actions as you learn how Christ lived.
  • Enrich relationships with other followers of Christ, and develop through the study of Scripture within community.

Manageable study

  • In the Bible, we see a precedent for learning within the context of community. With that in mind, BibleX was built for groups, but individuals can take part on their own if they prefer.
  • BibleX covers the Bible through seven units of study called modules.
  • Each module has three to six sessions, which can be completed in about a week, depending on the pace of your group.
  • Each week should take about one - three hours, depending on how your group time is structured.

Learn with your friends

Explore God’s Word with other believers by finding an existing small group or forming a group of your own. Options for your group time:

  • Everyone completes the STUDY questions, views the LEARN video, and answers the GROW questions on their own. Then as a group, you will discuss your responses to the STUDY questions, view the LEARN video, and share your responses to the GROW questions.
  • Or, everyone can complete the STUDY questions on their own and then wait to discuss the STUDY question and view the LEARN video as a group. After your group time, everyone can answer the GROW questions and email responses to the group.

How you'll learn

  1. STUDY by reading Scripture and answering questions to reflect on the selected Bible verses. These questions will help you form conclusions and beliefs through your own efforts.
  2. LEARN by viewing information to solidify your understanding of the Scripture and to get introduced to important theological principles.
  3. GROW by answering relational questions to explore how that session’s Scripture connects to your life, and how God’s Word can lead you to change.

Flexible Momentum

With the support of friends and a consistent approach, you can experience God’s Word and allow Him to shape you through the study of Scripture. Groups can usually complete BibleX in about a year. You might create your own schedule or follow an example like this: