Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  • What is BibleX?

    BibleX helps people become more familiar with the Bible and understand it in a more complete way. To gain a more detailed understanding of this study, complete the Introduction Module. This module will give you an idea of what this study will cover, and how it will enrich your understanding of Scripture.

  • What will I learn about?

    • Beginnings (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers)
    • History (Joshua, Judges, I and II Samuel, Kings, Chronicles)
    • Wisdom (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes)
    • Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jonah)
    • Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
    • Pauline (Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, I Timothy)
    • Letters (Hebrews, James, I Peter, Revelation)
  • How much time should I expect this study to take?

    Each module has three to six sessions, depending on the topic. Each of these sessions is designed to take about a week, however, that time may vary depending on the pace of your group. The entire study is designed to be completed in one year or less.

  • Do I have to view the modules in order, or can I skip around?

    All learners should begin with the Introduction Module, which will set the foundation for the rest of the study. The remaining modules were placed in an order that is most effective for learning the information. We encourage you and your group to move chronologically through the study beginning with Module 1; however, it is okay if your group chooses to begin with a different module within the study and skip around.

  • Do I have to complete this study with a group, or can I do it on my own?

    BibleX can be studied in the context of a group, or as an individual study. Although it is okay to complete this study on your own, there are benefits to completing this study with a group. Your group can interact at by using our Groups function.

  • How do I start a new group?

    If you don't already have a profile, you will need to create one.

    Then, to start a brand new group, select "Get Started" from the top menu, and then choose Step 2, "Start a group," (or just click this link) to set up your new group. From there you can invite others via email, or by printing the group key code that other brand new users can input to join your group when they register for the first time.

  • How do I add people to my existing group?

    If they do not have an account yet, you can invite people to join your group via email from the "My Group" menu at the top of the main page. Select "Invite Others" and input the email address in the Recipients field. If you have a large amount of people to add to your group, or do not know everyone's email address, you can add people using a third option. From the "My Group" at the top of the main page, go the to "Invite others" tab. Select "Invite with printed cards" just under the blue menu bar. If users are brand new and have never registered, they can input this key code into their profile when they set up their new account, and will automatically be added to your group.

    The easiest and best way to add members if they already have an existing account with BibleX is using their username. To do this, select "My Group" from the top of the main page, then select "Manage Members" and then "Add people."

  • What is a group key, and what is it for?

    A group key is one way, as a leader, that you can invite new site members to join your group. If you invite someone to study with you on BibleX, and they do not already have an account set up, they can input the group key when they first create their account, and will automatically be added to your group (with pending approval from you, the leader). To find your group's key, simply go to "My Group" and then select "Invite Others." You will see two options just under the blue bar. Select "Invite with printed cards." If someone is already a site member, it is best to invite those people to join your group by emailing them an invitation, or by adding them to your group using their existing username.

  • How do I join an existing group?

    If you'd like to join a group and do not have a profile set up, ask the group leader to invite you via email or share the group key with you, then sign up.

    If you already have a profile set up, the group leader will need to input your username into the group by selecting "My Group" from the top of the main page, then "Manage Members," and then selecting "Add people."

  • How does my schedule work?

    Schedules track your progress through the study and send you reminders when due dates are approaching. If you are studying individually, you can set up a schedule by going to "Profile" and then selecting "Schedule." If you are studying with a group, and would like to set a group schedule for everyone in the group, you can do so by going to "My Group" and then selecting "Schedule." (You must be a group administrator to set the schedule for the group.)

  • How do I edit my group schedule?

    To update your group schedule, you must be the group administrator.

    • Go to "My Group" and then select "Schedule."
    • Just under the blue bar of options, select "Update."
    • From there, you can adjust your schedule as needed.

      *Please note that you are not allowed to change your schedule type (which is the 2nd step) once one has been created. For example, if you previously selected the Full BibleX Program and want to switch to a single module study format, you can only do so by deleting the schedule that you currently have (the delete option is located at the very bottom of the page) and starting again. 
  • If I have questions, who can I contact?

    If you have any technical questions that are not answered in this FAQ, please contact support and some really nice people will get back with you.

Technical questions

  • What browsers and mobile devices does BibleX support?

    Browsers *Flash plug-in required

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 9
    • Safari

    Mobile Devices

    • Android
    • iOS